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Big Macintosh
Vector Big Macintosh by dey-chan.png
A Big Macintosh vector
Other names Big McIntosh, Big Mac
Kind Earth pony
Sex Male
Fan voice(s) Patrick Seymour (EPRBoE #2)
LumpySpacePony (Turnabout Storm)
Daniel Sessions (Re-enacted by Ponies)
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Big Macintosh (sometimes spelled "Big McIntosh") or "Big Mac" is the official name for a supporting pony from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. He is the elder brother of Applejack and Apple Bloom. He lives with Granny Smith and his aforementioned sisters at Sweet Apple Acres.  Big Mac rarely speaks, and when he does it's usually limited to either an "Eeyup" or "Nnope."

In fan works

Despite his taciturn nature, Big Mac is occasionally considered to be quite intelligent [R 1] (especially at "fancy mathematics"[R 2]). However, he can be shown as illiterate as well.[R 3]

In certain fan labor, especially that of the "clop" variety, he is depicted or stated as being very muscular[R 4] and "well-endowed".[citation needed]

Big Macintosh is frequently featured in homosexual shipping, with Big Macintosh and Shining Armor being one of the most popular[dubious – discuss] pairings.[citation needed]


Big Mac is known for being paired up with Fluttershy, whether she is depicted as female or "Futashy". On occasion he is also shipped with Rainbow Dash (MacinDash), Rarity (Rarimac), or even Princess Celestia[R 5] on a premise of "opposites attract". Princess Luna has also been seen as a suggested love interest, possibly inspired by their interaction in the IDW comic series. He has been paired with Cheerilee, with this ship seeing a great increase after the episode Hearts and Hooves Day.[citation needed]

Big Mac and Caramel are also a very common same-sex pairing within the fanbase.[R 6][R 7] Braeburn has also been a common gay ship with Big Mac.

A more recent pairing is Big Mac and Marble Pie due to the events of Hearthbreakers, in which the pair bond over being ponies of few words and act bashful and shy around one another, constantly blushing and frequently making eye contact. Even more recent is Big Mac and Sugar Belle due to them becoming an official couple in Hard to Say Anything.


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