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Likely due to the ease of customization and image posting on Tumblr, the blog host has become the home of a staggering number of art blogs starring ponies. Multiple blogs exist for nearly every major, minor, and even one-shot character in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, some of which attempt to stay true to their canon personalities, and more that reinvent the characters in several ways, including pirates, stoners, offensive psychos, and ridiculously cute blobs.

The most active of the Ask Blogs acknowledge the multiplicity of Twilights, Pinkies, Trixies, Celestias, and so forth in their "multiverse," and while each blog is mostly a self-contained world there are occasional crossovers. The largest cross-over to date may likely be when Rainbow from the Ask Pony Bwobs tumblr was shot out of a cannon and went flying through numerous other blogs, to their resident's confusion and occasional misfortune.

Art styles vary as much as the theme and content of the blogs, ranging from show-accurate vectors to monochromatic sketches to colored pencil.

Equestria Daily once made a request for Ask Pony blog link submissions and was swamped within minutes of the announcement, evidencing the sheer volume of blogs that exist out there. Sethisto has since resorted to occasionally spotlighting particularly popular blogs rather than making compilation posts.

Despite the large amount of Ask Pony blogs there are, many are slowly starting to become inactive. There are many popular blogs that are no longer updated, like Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie, Ask Princess Molestia + Gamer Luna, or Ask Pony Bwobs.

List of Ask Pony blogs[]

If you are going to change a Blogs status, or expand the blog list be sure to visit the blog you are going to add, before you put the status up to make it easier there are 5 Blog Statuses: Active, Dead, No longer accessible, Semi-Active and Hiatus . No longer accessible means the Blog has been deleted or under new management (Click on Ask Friendly Twilight to see an example) and Semi-Active means the Blogs Mod updates on an irregular schedule. If you are going to update a Blogs Status Check it First before finalizing the Status Update.

Mane six and Spike[]

Twilight Sparkle[]

Ask Not Very Twilight mDialog-warning-custom Grimdark: Twilight is slowly going mad, she cannot handle being turned into a Alicorn. No longer accessible
Ask Filly Twilight Twilight as a filly, super cute.


(Coming to a Close)

Ask Friendly Twilight Twilight mirroring her insanity in the episode Lesson Zero. No longer accessible
Ask Miss Twilight Sparkle A rather dark Twilight blog. She also frequently crosses over with Discord Whooves. Dead?
Ask Paranoid Twilight Twilight got sent back to Kindergarten and completely lost it. No longer accessible
Ask Shining Fury/Twilight Widow Based off the Black Widow character from the Marvel comics No longer accessible
Ask Sketchy Twilight Sparkle The most canon Twilight; would make love to her giant checklist. Semi-Active
Another Twilight Sparkle A canon-ish Twilight Sparkle blog, often crossovers with Ask Trixie. Semi-Active
Sleepy Twi Twilight has trouble staying awake. Very interesting art style. No longer accessible
Twilight Unbound Twilight with the ability to transform into a werewolf named Werelight Shine. No longer accessible
Ask Mystic Twi With the powers to change powers and forms as a mystical pony, Mystic Twi has hatred on changelings and seeks revenge on them for her brother's death. Dead
Sexy Twilight! mDialog-warning-custom Features a mature, sexy version of Twilight Sparkle who wants to have sex with anypony. Dead
Ask Twilight and Copycat A Twilight who was charged by Celestia with being the caretaker of Copycat, a shapeshifting child-like spirit that who lives in the Mirror Pool. Dead
  • The Not Very Royal Tumblr requires a password to access.
  • There was a big crossover between the Friendly, Paranoid, and Sketchy Twilight blogs listed above.

Rainbow Dash[]

Dashie Replies A cute Rainbow Dash blog with its own art style. Rainbow Dash is a bit more "girly". No longer accessible
Ask Dashed Rainbow Rainbow Dash suddenly loses all her luck, and now she stumbles from one unfortunate situation in the next Dead
Ask Dead Rainbow Dash mDialog-warning-custom She's was killed by Pinkie Pie as per Cupcakes, but reanimated herself. She now seeks revenge, and is willing to kill anypony upon request (including herself). No longer accessible
Ask Fractured Loyalty mDialog-warning-custom Grimdark; Rainbow Dash doesn't care about anything anymore Dead
Ask Pirate Dash Dash as a pirate Active
Ask Rainbow Thor Based off the Thor character from the Marvel comics No longer accessible
Rainbow Freakin Dash A cute Rainbow Dash blog done by the same mod as Fractured Loyalty, above; updates infrequently. Semi-Active
Rainbow Dash Replies The most canon Rainbow; featuring confusing art Semi-Active
Ask Blind Rainbow Dash After an accident, Rainbow Dash has become blind and Twilight watches over her. Dead
Metal Rainbow Dash's HQ

Based off the Metal Rainbow Dash alternate personality of Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash's Mailbag An ask blog starring Rainbow Dash as a jerky and nutty cartoon character; using cartoonish artwork Dead
Ask Serious Rainbow An ask blog where Rainbow Dash is an agent of the Serious Foundation, which is dedicated to protecting the multiverse Active


Ask Flutterschiavo mDialog-warning-custom Fluttershy had an unfortunate accident. Hiatus
Ask Lonershy Fluttershy as a Loner. A dark blog by Rainb0w Dashie Semi-Active
Ask Flutterhulk Based off the Hulk character from the Marvel comics Dead
Ask Flutterstalker Not particularly Grimdark. Fluttershy becomes a stalker and even more socially awkward than before Dead
Ask Futashy mDialog-warning-custom

Fluttershy is now a pet Pegasus-dog...and part male. Warning: Features excessive amount of clop related material.

No longer accessible
Fanfluttertastic A Fluttershy blog that was was formerly FiW's Fluttershy, then changed over to an alternate adorable pony personality. (Praise Smooze!) Dead
Ask Dr. Adorable

A mad scientist-type Fluttershy. Popular blog.

Fluttershy Replies A cutely drawn askblog for Fluttershy. Ships Flutterdash. Semi-Active
Ask Murdershy mDialog-warning-custom

A Fluttershy blog in which Fluttershy murders other ponies.

Ask Yandereshy Slightly yandere-ish Fluttershy, not very dark. Ships FlutterMac. Semi-Active


Ask Captain Equestria

Based off the Captain America character from the Marvel comics Dead
Ask (Cr)applejack mDialog-warning-custom Grimdark; Applejack becomes an alcoholic Dead
Ask Jappleack mDialog-warning-custom Alternate universe Applejack, based on her characterization from PONY.MOV. Made by Max Gilardi himself. Dead
Ask Applejack An Applejack blog. She is currently traveling Equestria. Active
Ask Crazed AJ mDialog-warning-custom Applejack becomes crazy after Granny Smith passes on. Dead

Pinkie Pie[]

Ask Wolfie Pie mDialog-warning-custom Pinkie Pie becomes a wolf. Active
Ask Albino Pie Albino version of Pinkie Pie; Cute No longer accessible
Ask Hotblooded Pinkie Pinkie Pie evolved into her ultimate form; In the style of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Complete
Pinkie Die And that's when things got knocked into 12th gear. Dead
Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie mDialog-warning-custom Features a murderous Pinkie Pie Dead
Ask Pinkeye Based off the Hawkeye character from Marvel comics No longer accessible
Pinkie Pie Answers Very rarely updated; cute minimalistic style Dead
Pinkie Pie Replies The most canon Pinkie Pie; no longer exists and was replaced No longer accessible
Question Pinkamena It features ponies from other ask pony blogs and art style is similar to that of Rainbow Dash Presents. Semi-Active
Ask Pinkie Clone Based off a Pinkie clone from the episode Too Many Pinkie Pies Dead
Ask Discorded Pinkamena mDialog-warning-custom Discorded Pinkamena is trapped in the basement of Sugarcube Corner and attempting escape. No longer accessible
Ask Pink Pony Set in an alternate timeline where Pinkie left Ponyville during Party of One. Active


Rarity Fighting A Giant Applebee's mDialog-warning-custom In which Rarity fights a giant Applebee's. Active
Ask Raricow Rarity becomes a cow. Active
Ask Blind Rarity Rarity goes blind. Hiatus
Spider Pony Rarity Rarity becomes a spider pony. Active
Ask Iron Mare Based off the Iron Man character from Marvel comics Dead
Ask Lil' Miss Rarity mDialog-warning-custom Grimdark: Where Rarity becomes quite the masochist. Active
Rarity Replies The most canon Rarity, sadly blog died for the now dead Pinkie Pie Replies Dead
Ask Depressed Rarity mDialog-warning-custom After an accident places Sweetie Belle in a coma, Rarity spirals into depression. Dead
Ask Warity A Normal Ask blog for rarity Active


Ask Spike Da Dragon A Spike ask blog; retired now Semi-Active
Ask Spiiike Self-described as "That 'Other' Spike Blog" Dead
Ask Kawaii Spike A very cute, "kawaii" representation of Spike Semi-Active
Ask Spike the Dragon A relatively new Ask Spike blog. Dead
Ask Stalker Spike A new Ask Spike blog where he keeps a watch on his favorite pony. Semi-Active

Secondary characters[]

Big Macintosh[]

Ask Grimdark Big Mac mDialog-warning-custom The grimdark version of Big Mac Semi-Active
Diaries of a Workhorse mDialog-warning-custom A Big Macintosh ask blog. Warning: Features excessive amount of clop related material. Dead

Ask Big McIntosh

Just your average Big Macintosh blog. Mostly show-accurate style.

No longer accessible

Mac's World

A day in the life of the Apple Family son and the ever-adorable Smartypants. Dead

Princess Celestia[]

Ask Princess  Molestia + Gamer Luna mDialog-warning-custom Doubles as a blog for a perverted Princess Celestia as well as a video game loving Princess Luna. NOTE: As of January 2014, the blog has been deleted. John Joseco has stated he is not going to try to bring it back. It is believed that John Joseco did not deliberately delete the blog, and it was deleted by Tumblr staff. The reason for this is currently unclear, though many theories are spreading over the Internet. No longer accessible
Ask Millennium Celestia Alternate universe, where Luna sent Celestia to the sun, instead of the latter sending the former to the moon No longer accessible
Ask Poolestia and Everyone else Crudely drawn, with a crazed author wanting questions from everyone except Tumblrbot. Everybody (there are other creatures in this Tumblr blog, including humans, which will make Lyra happy when somebody asks a human question) is an idiot. No longer accessible
Ask the Royal Sweet Tooth Celestia is crazy for sweets in this blog! Dead
Ask the Deadly Princess mDialog-warning-custom A newly formed blog. Grimdark: Blood and Violence. Princess Celestia has gone mad and is now killing many of the ponies. No longer accessible

Princess Luna[]

Ask Gaming Princess Luna John Joseco's new pony blog reboot revolving around his ever-popular gamer Princess Luna rendition from Ask Princess Molestia + Gamer Luna. Unlike the previous, this one does not contain mature content. Active
Luna- After Dark An insomniac Luna encountering misadventures during her nighttime duties. Semi-Active

Ask Gamer Luna

Where Princess Luna is an avid video gamer No longer accessible
Ask Human Luna Luna as a human No longer accessible
Ask Loona Where everything Luna does is completely nonsensical Semi-Active
Moonstuck A very popular blog based on the popular Homestuck webcomic. A cutely drawn Luna plays on the moon. Complete
Ask Princess Luna The most canon Luna Dead
Lunaughty mDialog-warning-custom The "naughty side of the moon". A Luna ask blog featuring some cloppy material. Semi-Active
The Rightful Princess

Set after the first defeat of Discord but before the advent of Nightmare Moon, Luna believes a great evil is approaching Equestria.

No longer accessible

Cutie Mark Crusaders[]

Ask The Crusaders A CMC blog made with vector artwork. Follows its own story arcs. The author indulges in a lot of streaming, as well as a handful of video animations. Dead
Ask The Cutie Mark Crusaders Anime Style, rarely updated Dead
Cutie Mark Crusaded Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle finally got their cutie marks as grown-ups! But Scootaloo still hasn't gotten her cutie mark and turns to a life of crime. Dead

Apple Bloom[]

Ask Teen Apple Bloom Apple Bloom as a teen, mostly playing warfare games No longer accessible
This Apple Bloom A slightly older Apple Bloom. No longer accessible
Ask Apocalypse Bloom Apple Bloom is the sole survivor of an Equestria-wide zombie apocalypse. Hiatus


Ax Brütaloo mDialog-warning-custom Scootaloo turned up to 11. Complete
Ass Brütalewd mDialog-warning-custom Pornographic parody of the previous blog. Active
Motherly Scootaloo Scootaloo becomes a teen mother and has to live with the consequences. Active
Pregunta Scootaloo Awesome Spanish ask blog featuring Scootaloo (may need a translator) Dead
Ask Stalkerloo Scootaloo is stalking ponies, Splinter Cell style Active
ThatScootaloo A Scootaloo blog that appears to be kinda popular. No longer accessible
Ask Crinkleloo Scootaloo got into a scooter accident and is forced to wear a diaper. Active
The Coop A mock TLC show blog that crosses a large number of Scootaloos including Pregnant Scootaloo, Demoloo, Hipsterloo,? Scootabot,? Scootawhat, and others. Dead
Ask Cyberloo After Scootaloo learns she is unable to fly she becomes a cyborg. No longer accessible
Ask Adult Scootaloo An ask blog featuring an adult Scootaloo who has not only learned to fly, but is now a flight instructor No longer accessible

Sweetie Belle[]

Sweetie Bot Replies An ask blog featuring Sweetie Bot of the Friendship is Witchcraft series Dead
Ask Sweetiepoo Cheap toilet-humor themed blog. Seems to be dead now Dead
Ask Smarty Belle Sweetie Belle is a smart pony. Cute yet interesting art. Complete
Ask Meanie Belle Sweetie Belle is Mean to everypony, while setting fire to stuff and going on adventures. Has crossover arcs. Active

The Wonderbolts[]

Ask Ariel Ask Ariel of the Wonderbolts No longer accessible
Ask Echo Fleetfoot Where Echo is revealed to be a blind pegasus. She uses echolocation to get around
Ask Firestarter Spitfire A little bit Grimdark; Spitfire tries to get over her friend Hurricane's Death
Ask Misty Ask Misty the Wonderbolt


Answer Discord Discord being Discord. Even the Title is pure Chaos. No longer accessible
Discorderly Conduct A Discord ask blog made by the same mod as "For the Hoard!" Dead
Statued Discord Replies Discord trapped in collective unconscious after he was defeated Dead
Ask Pony Discord Discord is punished by the Princesses by being turned into an ordinary pony and sent to live in Ponyville with Twilight Sparkle in hopes learning what it's like to be a pony will change him for the better. Dead
Ask Kid Discord Discord accidentally breaks the fourth wall as a kid (literally) and makes contact with the users of the internet. Hiatus
Ask Baby Discord A cute blog about baby Discord and his guardian Fluttershy. Dead

Queen Chrysalis[]

Ask Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings Artwork by Pablo Fiorentino No longer accessible
Cupidite In the same style as For the Hoard!, or Discorderly Conduct Dead
Chrysalis Replies A Queen Chrysalis blog, drawn by Rai. No longer accessible
Filly Queen Chrysalis Chrysalis as a filly, highly adorable. Active


Ask Trixie A mostly-canon Trixie blog by The Paragon. semi-Active


Oh Dat Cheerilee mDialog-warning-custom Cheerilee is Berry Punch's sister. Also, a pedophile. Semi-Active
Ask Ms. Cheerilee! Canon Cheerilee. Cute art style. No longer accessible


Ask Raffish Pip mDialog-warning-custom An aged up version of Pip. The student of Lunaughty. No longer accessible
Ask Captain Pipsqueak Another aged-up Pipsqueak. This time he's on a voyage around the world, and the farthest reaches of Equestria. No longer accessible


Peppermint Sticks Heart Basic Twist RP/answer blog No longer Accessible

Diamond Tiara[]

Ask Chubby Diamond mDialog-warning-custom Diamond Tiara let herself go, but she's a lot nicer. Active

Shining Armor[]

Shining Armor Reports Shining Armor slowly loses his mind, thinking the changelings will return. Active


Ask Shy Sombra mDialog-warning-custom Sombra is forced to be a sex slave. Hiatus
Ask King Sombra Set directly after the events of Season 3 Ep 2. It starts out with him trying to get with him getting his horn healed and getting to the Crystal Kingdom. Complete

Background characters[]

Papillon's Hive Fleur Dis Lee becomes a Changeling. Active
Ask Crackle A DeviantArt-based APB about Crackle Dead
Ask Chocolate Pony The Chocolate Statue, which was in the Background once, was actually a real pony, who was transformed by Trixie Active
Ask Discord Whooves The Doctor got corrupted as he was trying to stop Discord, and now he does not see the point in saving the world anymore. Hiatus
Order Zerum mDialog-warning-custom Doctor is forced to be Discord's sex slave. Hiatus
Ask Donut Joe The most canon Donut Joe blog
Ask Dr. Colgate Colgate is a dentist, but not really a good one
Ask Filly Derpy A rather cute filly Derpy blog
Ask Filly Lyra A cute blog starring a filly Lyra
Ask Master Doom and Comrades based off the Legion of Doom from Marvel comics
Ask Octavia An ask Blog Starring Octavia
Ask Mafia Octavia Due to prohibition, Octavia now bootlegs cider to speakeasies instead of performing in cider pubs
Ask Thunderlane A deviantArt based APB featuring Thunderlane
Ask the Vet Pony A blog about the Vet Pony and her experiences at her veterinary clinic "Sacred Barf"
For the Hoard! A Garble ask blog
Raindrops Answers An Ask Blog with semi-popular pony, Raindrops.
Ask GoldenGrape A Goldengrape ask blog; seems to be updated infrequently Dead
Derpy Answers A basic Derpy Hooves ask blog No longer accessible
The Original Ask Berry Punch mDialog-warning-custom Berry Punch, the drunkard Active
Let's Ask Berry Punch Berry Punch's favorite drink here is fruit punch. No longer accessible
Ask Ruby Pinch A Ruby Pinch ask blog
Ask Pinchy Another Ruby Pinch ask blog
Ask Princess Erroria A blog about Princess Erroria
Contortionista Blossomforth mDialog-warning-custom Blossomforth is an expert contortionist. Not a lot of clop material, but a lot of nudity (even the site banner features some)
Vault 92 Octavia documenting a post-apocalyptic Fallout-style Equestria. Mild blood. (Done by the same artist as Sweetie Bot Replies) 
Ask Sea Foam A blog about Sea Swirl, using her original placeholder name.
Ask Sea Swirl Another Sea Swirl blog. Sea Swirl attempts to survive in an Equestria that's completely underwater. Features sea ponies.
Ask Dolphin Dream A third Sea Swirl blog, featuring Sea Foam and Sea Swirl's "cousin" Dolphin Dream.
Ask Little Derpy A cute little blog featuring filly Derpy Hooves
Ask Soot Stain A blog about a down on her luck Manehattan filly who is in Hearth's Warming Eve.
Ask The Mane-iac! Ask the evil, yet insane villain, the Mane-iac!
Ask Bulk Biceps Follow the life and exploits of Bulk Biceps the adorable hulking pony with tiny wings and huge heart. Also Muscles.
Ask the Doctor A regenerated Doctor from Equestria and a ponified Doctor from the Whoniverse (plus his companion) team up to find a way to bring back the sun when Celestia is turned to stone.
Ask the Maniac The Doctor gets captured by the Master, and being that they are both the last of their kind (the Time Lords), they conquer planets together, with the Doctor not having a choice in the matter.

Combo blogs[]

Ask Tempest x Twilight An ask blog chronicling Tempest's and Twilight's growing relationship after the events of the movie. Active
The Poniz A comedy ask blog about all the characters with a very unique art style. Active
Children Of Everfree AU with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as monsters in the Everfree Forest. Active
Ask Filly Rainbow Dash and Derpy Dash and Derpy as fillies
Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie FlutterPie shipping abounds
Lovestruck Derpy Derpy is in love with Doctor Whooves
Ask TriPie Surprise, Rock farm-Pinkamina, and Pinkie Pie all in one combo
Ask The Pie Sisters A cute blog starring the Pie sisters.
PONIES!!! A dysfunctional group of mares trying to find friendship.
Slice of Life A blog centered around the Cake Family set in the future. Drawn by Egophiliac.
Cloudsdale Fillies Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as fillies.
Ask The Fashion Ponies An ask blog for Hoity Toity and Photo Finish, Two of the biggest fashion stars in Equestria.
Ask the Sailor Ponies The Mane 6 as Sailor Scouts
Ask Lulemoon Pre-Series Luna and Doctor Whooves in America.

Original mane six[]

(Does not include Applejack, as she actually made it into the current mane six, unless the Tumblr specifically says it's about G1 Applejack)

Ask Fyrefly Original Rainbow Dash
Ask Original Twilight Original Twilight
Ask Posey Original Fluttershy
Ask Surprise Original Pinkie Pie
Ask Twilight Twinkle Original Twilight
The Fyrefly Original Rainbow Dash

Original characters[]

Ask Insane Jack mDialog-warning-custom A pegasus with a lot of issues that doesn't care and wants you to ask him him questions. Active
Ask Ribbons Bloom A pony with a special power and amnesia breaks out of a lab. Active
Ask Darling Adelaide A princess is given the choice between accepting her crown or traveling Equestria. Active
Ask Velvet Posey A pony uses its butt for the greater good. Hiatus
Ask The Mad Scientist mDialog-warning-custom A mad scientist's ask blog. No longer accessible
Ask Autumn Leaf A drawn blog about a happy mare with a dark past. Most updates are comedic in nature, but occasionally bits of her sad story is revealed. Updates 2-3 times per week, with extra posts in between updates.
Ask Mordecai the hunter An active ask blog that updates almost everyday, vault hunter Mordecai in his pony form will answer all your questions.
Ask sweet chocolate delight An ask blog for an sweet milk chocolate mare with a marshmallow mane, It gets updated every Saturday.
Ask Backy An ask blog starring a butt and sometimes a pony attached to it.
Ask Blueberry Sweet A very new traditional art Ask Blog about a unicorn baker who's specialty is blueberries. Updated at least once a week, unless no questions are received.
Ask Mint Cream A light hearted blog about a pony called Mint Cream, who struggles to keep up with her life. She is a blank flank.
Ask Cirrus Cloud A blog about a cloud sculptor pony and other OC's
Ask Corn Silk A filly who lives on Sweet Apple Acres and grows corn, along with her draconequus friend, Sugar Craze.
Ask Crade A pony that lives in the Everfree, who has glowing, almost flashlight-like eyes.
Ask Cray A unicorn who loves crayons
Ask Ctenophorae mDialog-warning-custom A blog centered on an Eldritch Abomination-esque... pony? Apparently, not even

it knows what it is.

Ask Dainty Feathers A flightless medic pony, with tiny wings.
Ask Frigid Drift A pegasus pony with a different take on things.
Ask Gamer and Friends A tumblr syndicate blog between three ponies Gamer, Priceless and Madison also involves other pony original characters and a character named MLG Sweetie Belle.
Ask GamerGirl A pony that plays video games.
Ask Ice Pack A male escort pony.
Ask Internet Explorer A rude but cute pony version of the slow browser Internet Explorer.
Ask Pia Ikea She is leading the Equestrian equivalent of IKEA. Seems to be dead
Ask Ipsywitch A strange witch-pony.
Ask Greyscale A bored police mare.
Ask Karma and Dis Ponies from outer Space, designed after the Reddit Ponies.
Ask Maplejack Time-Traveling and weird-looking Pony.
Ask Newsworthy Adventurer and the editor of the Ponyville Express.
Ask Nyx Now A Nyx ask pony blog made with vector art.
Ask the Order-naries An ask blog starring the Order-naries.
Ask Pun Pony A Pony that makes bad puns ALL the time.
Ask Sarsaparilla Hoofer A delusional and flirtatious former 1920's flapper pony sex symbol.
ask Sparky Hooves A blog about a potion maker named Sparky Hooves.
Ask Springy Silver A blog about a crazed mechanic keeping her creations in check whilest balancing school life, "friends", and a crush. (has some grimdark-ish stuff)
Ask Stitches A blog about a doll-making earth pony that inverts grimdark material.
Ask Stormy A blog about a strange pony with strange markings and habits.
Ask Sunnytown Based on Story of the Blanks.
Ask Trailblazer An Earth Pony Royal Equestrian Ranger on border patrol.
Ask Velvet A pony who is leading a shop for adults, called "The Crop"
Lumey and Light Answer A pony blog about a pair of stallions named Luminance and Blacklight.
The Ponies of Fort Neighers A bunch of ponies in a fort.
Ask Emerald May An OC blog done by the mod of Ask The Crusaders.
Ask Berry Sweet A cute blog about a red pegasus pony with a small crush on Big Macintosh. Sort of sketchy art style.
Waterglow's Coral Reef A Lake-Pony with a special talent for deep-sea diving. Pretty art style.
Ask Mist A pegasus form Canterlot, who desires to become the greatest archeologist in Equestria and uncover mysteries lost for centuries.
Ask Mitzi An earth pony matchmaker that lives in Trottingham.
Starberry Tart and Friends A blog about Starberry Tart, an Earth pony with a talent for baking desserts and harvesting starberries, and her friends Pepper Prancer, Wingnut, Lemon Jubilee, Noodle Wish, Clementine Creme, and Juniper Jazz.
Ask Forty Winks Blog for an earth pony whose special talent/curse is the inability to sleep.
Ask Chubby Cheeks A cute unicorn who writes restaurant reviews.
Banana Scent's blog A pegasus who got too heavy for her wings and now lives at a banana plantation.
The DawnStar Following a single unicorn into a world of magic and mystery, where friendship and hate are closer to each other than you might know. Show-accurate art style.
Stitch, Patch, Repeat Ask blog about Dream Weaver, a unicorn who specializes in dream magic, visiting the dreams of ponies, and warding off nightmares.
Cadaver and Darkfire Lords Phantasm Cadaverous and Thanatos Embermane Darkfire, the Underworld Brothers, and cousins of Princesses Celestia and Luna.
Magicmages An OC pony tumblr.
Ask Flufflepuff A spin-off of the Dan Vs. FiM tumblr, featuring Mixermike622's fluffy pony OC, Flufflepuff Semi-Active
Unie! An ask blog featuring Unie, the mascot of Untitled(13).unvs, who is writing the blog to grow, find new things about the world, explore new ideas and to forge bonds of friendship.
Ask Pineapple Tumble A Mail Pony
Ask Leaf Sprinkles THE SMILE PRINCESS~ this is a blog about the cute and fun loving Leaf Sprinkles
Ask Firefly Ask a fun loving OC pony named Firefly and her friends Soulsong and Snapshot.
Ask Snowdrop Ask a younger version of Snowdrop.
Ask Ari An ask blog about a deaf earth pony that loves music.
Ask Mr. Toots A very strange unicorn answers questions.
Specter in Ponyville mDialog-warning-custom An ask/story blog about a ghost-loving pony who just came to Ponyville. He has moved in with, and seems to have a crush on, Fluttershy.
Adventure Time with Cutix & Bubblegum An ask blog based on Adventure Time with an OC named Cutix created by Princess Bubblegum after the events of Flame Princess becoming the new ruler of Fire Kingdom. Mostly in pony style.
The Hero of Harmony An ask/RP blog based around a traveler from the Pokémon world with the power to traverse through the Rift, ending up in Equestria for a purpose. Formerly Ask Silver Guardian.
Ask Pastel Swirl An ask blog about Pastel Swirl, a unicorn who was born with three legs.
Ask Ivory Lace An Ask Blog about Ivory Lace, a unicorn who makes outfits with Lace.
Ask Skydreams An ask a pony blog for Skydreams, a unicorn whose desire to fly was so strong she built a pair of mechanical wings.
Ask The Rainbow Managers Pontentially Grimdark: An Ask Blog about Darkness Eternal and Metal Wind, two ponies that manage the rainbow factory.
Ask Wanderlight the Arcanozoologist An ask blog about a unicorn named Wanderlight and her pegasus research partner who are venturing into the Everfree forest to investigate the magical creatures and plants that live there. Potential to include some dark/gore as the 'story' of the blog progresses.
Ask Cloud Spark An ask blog about Cloud Spark, the first mare royal guard.
Ask Nimbus Dawning A flightless pegasus who loves drinking (and complaining) answers questions at her favorite pub.
Ask The Changeling Princess, Wolf! An ask blog about Wolf, the daughter changeling of Queen Crysalis, who has taken the form as an adult colt after being banished from the Hive. She's quite a liar when it comes to asking her certain things, up to you what you ask. Even call her mother.
Ask Nymph

Come ask Nymph, Livestreamer for Sonic Radioboom. Active everyday answering questions.

Ask Foxxy Candy A blog where let's ask foxxy candy, sometimes she adds Aikatsu! things. Every time you ask she sure answer it quick neither by picture ore text
Ask Gladi-Star A recent ask blog of Gladi-Star, a Pegasus who's lifestyle is that of fighting and combat.
Ask ColorSwirl A ask pony blog about ColorSwirl, a lesbian pony.


Ask Diane Pie Traveling among the bronyverses.
Ask the Mentally Advanced Ponies An ask blog for The Mentally Advanced Series ponies, not done by the series' creator
Ask My Little Chubbies Blob-like ponies; really cute.
Ask Pony Bwobs The ponies as little round blobs.
Ask the Skyrim Ponies The Mane 6 in Skyrim.
Dan VS. FiM Crossover with the show "Dan VS." Now defunct.
Friendship is Witchcraft An ask pony blog for the Friendship is Witchcraft ponies.
Ask The Parasprites An ask blog for the Parasprites.
Dalton City Human in Equestria sort of thing; the human tricks Trixie into granting him Celestia's powers (through black magic), and creates the Elements of Disharmony.
Ask The Kittens The ponies as kittens. Very cute.
Ask Crappily Drawn Ponies An ask blog about poorly drawn ponies.
Poniverse Comic A comic and ask blog about the Poniverse Mascots run by the Poniverse staff.

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