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Applejinx is best known for the country song We're On To Somethin' Good but has done a lot of more rock-oriented stuff like Discord Welcome Home, and of course covering WoodenToaster songs like Rainbow Factory and Beyond Her Garden. However, he is much better known for writing the "Trixie's Magic Bit" ponyfic novels, which have grown to be more total words than Narnia.

Applejinx did a great deal of music before poni, such as the Dragons album, recorded before computer workstations on a 20-bit ADAT, with the sequencing done on a 33-mHz Mac Performa 575 with 12 megs of RAM and a 180 meg hard drive (hence, before TIME ITSELF)

Applejinx has also done a series on his SoundCloud called Daily Music, which was just that: a new track of some sort every day, and sold a CD of the results (now out of print).

Applejinx's style is often strange when he's not doing pop/rock/country songs, and is mega old school or at least appears to be: in some tracks like the Sunshine And Celery Stalks cover he sings vocal parts that were originally constructed with Pogo-style sampling, to disconcerting effect for those who don't want to hear a more natural-sounding voice singing that. Applejinx's vocal parts are, however, heavily comped, though they are rarely autotuned. On many of the tracks they are also pitched up, as Applejinx is a bass/baritone and many songs are out of his range, especially when the singer's meant to be Applejack.


Year Title
2011 "We're On To Somethin' Good" EQD
2012 "We're On To Somethin' Good (retrack of vocals to be less chipmunky)"
"Twilight Sparkle's Eyes" EQD
"I'm Yours"
"No Man's Land" EQD
"Discord Welcome Home" EQD
"Too Much Fun"
2013 "Cayenne Pony"


Year Title Original artist
2012 "Rainbow Factory (Applejinx Version)" WoodenToaster
"Wing Power (Applejinx Version)" MusicalPony
"Beyond Her Garden (Applejinx Version)" WoodenToaster
"Applejinx Fixes PinkiePieSwear: Sunshine And Celery Stalks" PinkiePieSwear
"Babs Seed (Applejinx Remix)" Daniel Ingram
2013 "Neverending Strife" H8 Seed
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