Antagonist Protagonist's quick sketch of Fynite Dycerbus.

This is an article about the author Antagonist Protagonist, creator of "The search for Another", "Fynite Dycerbus", and several other short stories.

About the Author

Antagonist Protagonist is an author on FanFiction, known best for his story labeled "The Ballad of Fynite Dycerbus". The author calls himself "AP" for short, and is hoping to gain a job as a scenarist for a film/gaming company. Despite doing a rather impressive 5-minute sketch of his OC, Fynite Dycerbus, Antagonist Protagonist has dismissed any possibility of having a career in visual art, saying "I can see the desired (object) in my head, I can put in down in ink... But I cannot pick up a pencil and draw it." Antagonist Protagonist has also written stories based around mythology and the Halo franchise. Quote: "I have written a few poems for magazines, you know, proper stuff... It was great seeing them in actual paper, not just on an Internet site where a monkey could, quite possibly, upload any old rubbish."


  • Antagonist Protagonist is most famous for his stories surrounding his OC, "Fynite Dycerbus".
  • All stories involving Antagonist Protagonist's OC were removed from FanFiction in June 2012, and his account was removed.
  • Antagonist Protagonist reopened his account towards the end of 2012, but did not post any work.
  • In May 2013, the author suddenly posted three separate stories in the space of seven days, and continues to work on his newest MLP fanfic, "The search for Another".
  • Antagonist Protagonist has said he "loves Luna and Derpy equally as my favourite canon characters"
  • Antagonist Protagonist's profile is found on FanFiction, or by using this weblink:
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