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AnimatedJames is a brony animator, artist, musician, actor, and comedy writer from New York City. He is best known for his animations, particularly his Sonic vs MLP series. His favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, and he has recently stated in a panel that his favorite character is Gummy.

Sonic vs MLP

Sonic VS MLP
Date added February 3, 2012
Duration 13:50
Status Unfinished
Voices Alioopster27
Based on Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic vs MLP is a series of short crossover animations pitting My Little Pony characters against Sonic characters in a variety of ways. The first video in the series is "Sonic VS Rainbow Dash" in which the two titular characters have a race. The second video depicts Sonic and Rainbow Dash preparing for Christmas while the third, fourth, and fifth focus on other characters and take place directly after the events of the first. AnimatedJames is also currently planning to make Cream VS Fluttershy.


  1. Sonic VS Rainbow Dash
  2. A Way Past 20% Cooler Christmas
  3. Tails VS Twilight
  4. Amy VS Pinkie
  5. Knuckles VS Applejack
  6. Future Episode: Cream VS Fluttershy
  7. Future Episode: Rouge VS Rarity
  8. Future Episode: Big VS Derpy
  9. Future Episode: Silver VS Trixie
  10. Future Episode: Shadow VS Gilda
  11. Future Episode: Vector VS DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch

Other Pony Animations

Video Duration Upload Date Notes
Beyond Her Garden Animation3:162013-02-03Music video for song by
A Tropical Octav3 Animation2:362013-04-01Music video for song by
Coconeru and Steven, A.D.
Colgate's Dentistry Ad0:582013-09-09
If Bo Burnham Was on MLP:FIM1:542014-02-01
Beat it PMV5:382014-06-25Music video for song cover by
BlackGryph0n and Michelle Creber
Winter's F***ed Up3:502014-12-14Music video and parody of
Winter Wrap Up by AnimatedJames,
Nowacking, and EileMonty

Brony Polka

Brony Polka (Weird Al Style Medley)
Date added January 10, 2014
Duration 9:21
Type/genre Parody

Brony Polka is a medley of brony songs sung by AnimatedJames in the style of Weird Al Yankovic's polka music. The video was featured on Equestria Daily on the same day it was released.[1] As of January 27, 2014, two music videos based on the medley have been uploaded.[2][3]

Included music

  1. The Gypsy Bard - SherclopPones
  2. Great to Be Different - Forest Rain
  3. Beyond Her Garden - WoodenToaster
  4. A Tropical Octav3 - Coconeru (music) and Steven, A.D. (lyrics)
  5. Magic - The Living Tombstone
  6. A Lullaby for a Princess - Ponyphonic
  7. Love Me, Cheerilee - WoodenToaster and The Living Tombstone
  8. 20% Cooler - Ken Ashcorp
  9. Anthropology - AwkwardMarina
  10. Discord - Odyssey Eurobeat
  11. Proud To Be a Brony - BlackGryph0n
  12. Double Rainboom - David Larsen
  13. Rainbow Factory - WoodenToaster
  14. Nightmare Night - WoodenToaster and Mic The Microphone
  15. Swing Tavi Swing - Joaftheloaf
  16. Sister Hate - The Living Tombstone
  17. Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu - FiMFlamFilosophy
  18. It'll Be OK - SherclopPones
  19. Picture Perfect Pony - MandoPony
  20. Loyalty - AcousticBrony and MandoPony
  21. Lost on the Moon - WoodenToaster and The Living Tombstone
  22. I am Octavia - EileMonty
  23. Pinkie's Brew - SherclopPones
  24. Don't Mine at Night - ShadyVox/BebopVox


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