An Out Of Pony Experience
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Writer(s) Lock Target
Date published June 3, 2012
Words 2,835
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Mane 6
Based on Freaky Friday
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An Out Of Pony Experience is a novella by Lock Target. A spell Twilight casts goes wrong resulting in Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity switching bodies.


Certain parts of the story are broken away from the main story into three subplots. The narrator breaks the fourth wall at some points of the story, mainly when jumping around between acts.


Three hours prior to the start of the story, Twilight decides to get started on her studies for the day. As Spike wakes up to make breakfast, Twilight startles him when she finds a spell that would help up to three or more ponies understand each other a little better. Believing that it will benefit her and the girls, she invites Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack to test it out. The three oblige and Twilight begins casting the spell. After it was cast, they all notice something different about each other. They realize they've switched bodies with Applejack in Rarity's body, Rarity in Rainbow Dash's body, and Rainbow Dash in Applejack's body. All three panic and complain about their situation, but Twilight assures them that she will find a spell to reverse it. To make sure she keeps track of who's who, Twilight places Rarity's eyelashes onto Rainbow Dash's body and Applejack's hat onto Rarity's.

They all have to come up with a story on why they are wearing each other's accessories. Their excuse is that Rainbow Dash bumped into Rarity and got her eyelashes. She was going so fast, she knocked Rarity into Applejack whose hat fell onto Rarity. The hat inspired her to make a line based on the Apple Family and their culture, so she asked Applejack if she could borrow her hat. Their voices or lack of talking are excused as sore throats. Twilight and Rarity get started on looking for the spell while Rainbow Dash fills in for Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack takes care of the issue of Carousel Boutique. Rarity begins to lose hope in finding the spell.

Several events play out before the three realize that it is not easy being each other. They end up going back to normal. Soon after, a strange commotion is heard outside. They investigate the phenomenon. Twilight shares her relief with Spike only to find that he switched bodies with the Cutie Mark Crusaders with him in Apple Bloom's body, Apple Bloom in Sweetie Belle's, Sweetie Belle in Scootaloo's and Scootaloo in Spike's.

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