An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Two is the sequel to an Affliction of the Heart written by Anonymous Pegasus. It takes place after the latter and focuses around Kuno and Wardons life post season three and about Kuno wanting a child.

An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Two
Kuno wardon

Writer(s) Anonymous Pegasus
Date published December 25, 2012
Words 36,188
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance
Featuring Kuno, Warden, Queen Chrysalis
Part of An Affliction of the heart trilogy
Show connection The Crystal Empire
Story link(s)
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The story begins near the Crystal Empire and goes into the events of season 3, Kuno and Wardon move out of the house and give it to a family of Crystal ponies who lived there. They move back into their old house which is in bad condition. Wardon then decides to grow the rare plant Aroura.

Third story

A final third story is announced to be published and will complete the trilogy, it will focus on Warden and Kuno's child, Swarm. It will be called An Affliction of the Heart Volume Three: Hybrid

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