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Amelia Bedelia
Other names Amelia Bee
Known as Voice actress

Amelia Bedelia is an American voice actress and singer. She primarily voices Trixie and Queen Chrysalis. Her past roles include Night Elf NPC from World of Warcraft.


Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-08-17 Queen Chrysalis vs. Discord Queen Chrysalis Brony James Dio
2012-10-26 Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville Additional vocals (choir) Sand Josieph Singing
2012-10-31 Kidnap the Lauren Faust Queen Chrysalis Rev897
2012-12-24 Fluffle Puff Tales: "Chrysmas Special" Queen Chrysalis FluffyMixer
2012-12-31 New Year's Eve Special:
Crashing a Pony Party
Queen Chrysalis Rina-chan
2013-02-03 The Magical Duel Trixie 169PD
2013-03-19 Snowdrop Trailer Review
by Discord and Chrysalis
Queen Chrysalis Silly Filly Studios
2013-05-17 Dan Vs FiM: "House Call" Queen Chrysalis FluffyMixer
2013-06-01 Fluffle Puff Tales: "Kiss Kiss" Queen Chrysalis FluffyMixer
2013-10-26 Fluffle Puff Tales: "Nightmare Night" Queen Chrysalis FluffyMixer
2013-11-17 Mother Changeling Queen Chrysalis Sand Josieph Singing