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Creator(s) A little Bit Different.
Date published Still in development
Type of game Action / Adventure / RPG
Platform/engine Unreal Engine

Windows, OS X, Linux / PlayStation 4 / Xbox ONE

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An action adventure game with RPG elements. Welcome to a world of endless winter. A world where every nation is in endless search of better, warmer land, and where even the brightest of virtues seem like cruel lies.

You will explore this world with two young students of the most powerful unicorn of all, Astrum and Krinita. Follow their story, feel the amazing atmosphere of the world, defeat powerful, majestic bosses, and use combinations of magical spells to escape the lethal cold and enclosing darkness of winter.


After the first video was published, lots of talented people from all over the world contacted Dreamy Wings and offered their help. That was the start of the A Little Bit Different team.

About a year had passed from the start of ALBD working together. A year of tough decisions, lots of expirimentation, valuable lessons in game development and team management. The project planed before transformed to something much more serious. With bronies support, loyal, tallented new team and big amount of experience the goals and style were redefined from scratch so the game could be trully fun, with interesting gameplay, a full independent emotional story and a unique beauty in graphics and sound, all supported by a good optimization. The mark of quality set was one that could be called nothing less than amazing. And at this point the game wasn´t just a prologue anymore. It was a full first episode/volume in the Ambient series. And so it became Ambient.White.


In Ambient.White you'll play as Astrum who can use a variety of spells, these are used for completing puzzles, modifying the environment and fighting.

Since you won't get overpowered armor, weapons or stats, in fact you'll be weaker than your enemies most of the time, you'll have to use the environment and learn the weaknesses of your enemies to defeat them.


The story centers around two sisters as they try to find their place in the beautifully hostile world around them. You will play as Astrum, the older sister, as she goes about her life with Krinita by her side, facing challenges, danger, emotional and moral trials and trying to reach their goal.


So far the reception has been great, a lot of people support the game on patreon:

The reviews on the facebook page are great:

The youtube channel has over 5.4Mil subscribers at this moment (04/04/2018):

It even got accepted on steam greenlight:

Even though the game is still in development and just a bit of the beginning of the history and the characters has been released to the public it has received some fanart:


Made by Gentleshy


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