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Allyster Black
Be All You Can't Be
Other names Total Krazen, "Allystorm" - Given by Sethisto
Active since March 2009
Known as Cartoonist
Equestria Daily Lead Artist
Voice actor
Public speaker
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Allyster Black is an American Multimedia artist and performer. Working within the MLP:FIM community since 2011 on various projects and websites, Allyster has a long history of fan labor.

Short History

Starting back in late 2008, Allyster worked as 3D generalist in the online virtual reality video game Second Life. Selling premium scripted content on the marketplace. In early 2011, a few furs showed him My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Allyster began working in pony content shortly after. In 2013, now 15 years old, Allyster graduated from Jasper County High School and began courses at a local community college. Over the next few years Allyster taught himself to draw, and began posting pony pictures.

In 2014 Allyster launched a DeviantArt account under the name "Total-Krazen" (Eventually Allyster-Black). Allyster posted for many years on this account, gaining hundreds of thousands of pageviews and tens of thousands of watchers (see Wayback Machine) . In 2017 Allyster's account was compromised and deactivated. Unable to resolve this issue with DeviantArt, Allyster left the platform. Allyster now posts on his website or on Twitter @AllysterBlack. Allyster's work can also be found posted by various content creators as part of collaborative projects.

Some Notable Examples of Fan Labor:

Equestria Daily

Allyster is well know for his work as senior artist for (Shortened hereafter to EQD), the globally renown news site for and by the Brony fandom. While working with EQD, Allyster designed header images for articles, designed site assets, and drawings for the EQD Mascots "Spotlight & Rocket". Allyster Also represented EQD at Brony conventions as a press pony where he ran panels and events, and interviewed show staff.

  • In 2014, the Library of Congress selected the site (Equestria Daily) to be archived as part of their "Web Cultures Web Archive Collection" by the American Folklife Center." This archive includes various states of the main page where artwork was contributed by Allyster Black.

Celestia Radio

  • Allyster was a regular on Celestia Radio's weekly show "Drunken Debauchery and Art Hour" hosted by Derp Time.

Fallout Equestria

  • Allyster is well known in the Fallout Equestria sub-fandom, and has made his name by posting images of iconic FoE characters. Somberpony’s Blackjack and Kkat’s Littlepip being being featured in many illustrations.
  • Allyster is also known for his interviews with Kkat, The author of Fallout Equestria, and Somber Pony, the author of popular side fic Project Horizons.
  • While visiting conventions with Equestria Daily, Allyster ran many Fallout Equestria meetups and drawing sessions.

- Taken from user description (2015) on -

“My name is Allyster Black, I am a professional artist from Joplin MO with many different roles around the web. I work primarily as a cartoonist for the My Little Pony Community where I am the artist for the largest MLP site on the web, Equestria Daily. Another site I work for is Celestia Radio, an MLP themed radio service that streams music, shows, and events 24/7. Outside of the internet, I attend conventions year round all over the US. At these conventions, I host events, run panels, and sell my art. When I am not doing pony stuff I am working on animations, games, and working as a freelance 2D and 3D artist.”

Original Characters

Allyster usually represents himself online with his Original Character (or OC) Ares. Named after the Greek god of war, Ares is a Pegasus who was a modified version of his original OC Darkness. Ares was made during the time Allyster was with EQD and this is the character he used when interacting with users of the site.

Some Art Examples (Full Gallery at

Allyster also has a Commission board where you can request a drawing HERE, and his Terms Of Service HERE

As of 2021, Allyster continues to work in collaboration with many other artists, nonprofits, and groups making original content.

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