All the Elements for Disaster

General Summary

All the Elements for Disaster is a crossover fanfiction by Radicool223. It focuses on a character named Cobalt Spikes and takes place during the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic storyline, following the episodes and seasons.

Each chapter is either an episode of the show, given its own personal spin by the author with the inclusion of Cobalt, Miles Unknown, or Shadow, or a fan chapter.


The character Cobalt Spikes wakes up in Canterlot with no memory and only a recollection that he doesn't think he belongs here. He is even more confused to realize that he is a winged horse, and thus sets out to find the pony in power in this place for some answers.

Once he finds Princess Celestia, she is irritated that he managed to terrify her guard into letting him in the palace, but her anger turns into curiosity when she learns that he doesn't have a name. She then assigns Twilight Sparkle to help him, and Twilight gives him the name Cobalt Spikes. The two go back to Twilight's room at the Canterlot Library and the newly dubbed Cobalt falls asleep.

The next morning, Cobalt wakes up and he and Spike go to find Twilight. On the way there, Cobalt rapidly learns that he can fly and is extremely fast. Twilight then rushes back and sends Princess Celestia a letter about Nightmare Moon, ending up being sent to Ponyville.

The rest of the fanfiction then follows the course of the episodes, leaving only a few omitted. It is currently part of the way through season 2.

Spinoff Stories

The author has also written three spinoff stories titled All the Elements for Disaster: X Files, All the Elements for Disaster: Unleashed, and All the Elements for Disaster: ASK. X Files is an adaptation of the Sonic X anime by 4kids, and Unleashed is an adaptation of the Sonic Unleashed video game by SEGA. These stories are all canon except for ASK. The author has said ASK will be continued as a blog on tumblr, though this has yet to happen.


Cobalt Spikes

Rainbow Dash

Twilight Sparkle



Pinkie Pie


Apple Bloom


Sweetie Belle


Miles Unknown



Princess Celestia

Princess Luna

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