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AcousticBrony is a brony rock band from the UK. They are characterized by their unique style of alternative rock which takes a wide range of influences. The group started by making instrumental themes and show covers, but have since moved into creating complete original songs. They are best known for their side project with MandoPony. They are now going by the name Re:Make.


AcoustiMandoBrony is a predominantly Hard Rock group consisting of Acoustic Brony and MandoPony, being significantly heavier than the bulk of either's solo material. The most famous song from the group is "Loyalty", with "I'll Fly Higher" coming as a close second. The group is notable for their ongoing series of songs about each of the Elements of Harmony.


Creator(s) AcousticMandoBrony
Composition Jimmy
Lyrics Jimmy
Vocals Lead: Mando Pony

Backing: Jimmy

Instruments Guitars: Jimmy and Mando Pony

Drums: Ed

Published 2012-01-24
Duration 6:15
Type/genre Rock
Part of AcoustiMandoBrony Mane6 Themes

"Loyalty" is the first of AcoustiMandoBrony's themes for the mane6. It wasn't followed up by Kindness until a year latter. The song features a drum solo from Ed as well as a more typical guitar solo from Jimmy. Loyalty has been voted the 3rd best song of 2012 in the Top 25 Brony Songs of 2012 list.[1]

I'll Fly Higher[]

I'll Fly Higher
Vocals Lead: Jimmy

Backing: Mando Pony

Instruments Guitars: Jimmy and Mando Pony

Drums: Ed

Published 2012-01-20
Duration 6:05
Type/genre Rock

"I'll Fly Higher" is the first song by AcousticBrony and MandoPony, setting the president for the project. A year later a second version was released which is remastered and goes on for another minute.

Other notable songs[]

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-01-17 A Long Way from Equestria 4:59 Rock Ballad
2012-10-22 Nightmare in Everfree 5:19 Dubstep
2013-01-13 Kindness 5:04 Rock
2013-08-13 Generosity 5:35 Rock feat. EileMonty
2014-02-15 Laughter 5:08 Rock

Mane Six themes []

AcousticBrony's original project was creating instrumental themes for each of the mane six ponies which incorpore melodies from the show. Most of the themes were finished early on, but it took significantly longer for them to complete Pinkie's theme. By view count these remain Acoustic Brony's most popular solo material.

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-07-17 La Couturière (Rarity's Theme) 3:31 Symphonic Rock
2011-07-19 Balladshy (Fluttershy's Theme) 4:55 Rock Ballad
2011-08-18 Crepuscularity (Twilight Sparkle's Theme) 3:41 Electronic Rock
2011-11-11 'The Loyalest and Most Dependable' (Applejack's Theme) 4:37 Country Rock
2012-02-06 It's About Time AcousticBrony! -_- (Pinkie Pie's Theme) 4:10 Pop Rock


Spectrum (Rainbow Dash's Theme)
Creator(s) AcousticBrony
Published 2011-07-28
Duration 3:45
Type/genre Rock

"Spectrum" is by far AcousticBrony's most popular solo song. The song is characterized by its tendency to switch between post-rock and hard rock-based passages, representing different aspects of Rainbow Dash such as her laziness and her love of speed. As Rainbow Dash lacked any songs at the time this was made, it is based around her passages from Winter Wrap Up and At the Gala.

Spectrum was featured in the "Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash" episode of's Death Battle.

Other notable songs[]

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-11-18 Lunar Nocturnality ~ Celestial Diurnality (Theme Of The Royal Sisters) 8:05 Post-Rock
2012-02-02 Ponies Are Cool (Doctor Whooves Theme) 1:39 Metal
2012-02-14 An Octave Beauty 5:55 Rock First vocal solo song
2012-02-19 Pinkie Pie Party (Sugar Rush) 2:58 Chiptunes
2012-02-27 An Ode To Derpy Hooves (Derpy's Theme) 3:54 Ballad
2012-03-27 The Kind Of Pony 4:29 Rock First song in unfinished Colgate's Quest series
2012-04-08 Dreams of a Blue Pegasus Filly (The Most Talented Flyers In All Of Equestria) 5:37 Acoustic
2012-06-05 Breaking Bonds 4:52 Metalcore Collab with PrinceWhatever for Balloon Party, features numerous other musicians
2013-06-12 It's OK 5:07 Rock Collab with Mysterious Brony


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