A Gizmonk In Ponyville is is an ongoing work of fanfiction written by Moheat7. It was Published on the 24th November 2014, and primilary foacus on an Original character loosely based off a pair creatures from the original G1 series, the Gizmonks


When Apple Bloom discovers a strange creature injured in the Everfree Forest, it isn't long before the creature follows her home and the Apple Family end up playing host to a new house-guest in the form of a mischievous, yet highly intelligent Gizmonk named Goggles.

Original Characters

Goggles -  a highly rare species of monkey from a country known as Kappan, who is not only fiercely intelligent and capable of speech, but also a very observant species. Whenever he gets an idea in his head, the end of his tail lights up (Similar to the idea light-bulb in cartoons) and he instantly begins to work on that idea, normally in the form of Gizmos and Gadgets. He's humorous, polite and highly mischievous, thus allowing him to make friends with just about anyone in Ponyville

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