A Delicate Balance
Applesparkles by Nokilakki

Cover art by Nokilakki

Writer(s) JapaneseTeeth
Date published June 12, 2012
Words 246,662
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Romance
Slice of Life
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
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A Delicate Balance is an ongoing fanfic by JapaneseTeeth. The story centers around Twilight and Applejack forming a relationship and the reactions others have to it.


Each chapter is named after a poem by John Donne and begins with Twilight's thoughts. These thoughts generally setup the events of each chapter. These are then followed by a segment from the poem the chapter is named after.


While analyzing her schedule, Twilight realizes that she appears to have a preference for spending time with Applejack over the rest of her friends. With the help of Rarity, Twilight comes to the conclusion that she is in love with Applejack.

Once the rest of the Mane Six, besides Applejack, finds out, Twilight decides to admit her feelings for Applejack. After a few hindrances including Fluttershy's worries and Applejack's initial refusal, the two begin dating.

The rest of the story focuses on the growth of their relationship and how others have been affected. As of the most recent update, Applejack and Twilight are thinking of marriage.

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