A Brief History of Equestria
Writer(s) K9Thefirst1
Words 53,083
Status Incomplete
Type/genre In-universe history book
Show connection Based on the play in Hearth's Warming Eve
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A Brief History of Equestria is a fanfic by K9Thefirst1 on the founding of Equestria and the ponies involved, claiming to show the "real" history the Hearth's Warming Eve play was based on.


The story is presented as an in-universe history book written by Twilight Sparkle.


After a table of contents listing chapters which haven't been written yet and a foreword by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna it is stated that very little is known about the time when ponies settled in river valley (the place they left from to found Equestria) or why they separated themselves into 3 different tribes. The Earth Ponies formed a democracy called The Hyracotherium Republic, the Unicorns a kingdom called the Unicorn Kingdom, and the Pegasi had the military lead the govenment and called thier country Celestine. The tribes stayed inside the valley due to outside threats from Griffin and Diamond Dog Empires, but those eventually fell apart.

This is followed by biographies of the founders.

This is followed by a part on the events that led up to the three tribes leaving for Equestria and what happened afterwards.


Commander Hurricane - In this story Commander Hurricane is male.

Private Pansy - Commander Hurricane's daughter. While shy by Celestine standards she would not be considered shy in modern Equestria.

Princess Platinum - Far from the spoiled and selfish princess of the play, the Historical Platinum was methodical, manipulative, and constantly fighting off the machinations of her court for the betterment of ponydom.

Clover the Clever - A unicorn with weak magic who nonetheless became Star-Swirl the Bearded's aprentice because of his intellegence.

Chancelor Puddinghead - Is actually crazier than she was in the play, sending troops to Lake Trot because she believed a Cuttlefish Lich-Queen lived in the lake. She still ends up being mostly harmless and encouraged unity between the tribes after the warming by throwing parties.

Smart Cookie - An Equestrian Pan-Nationalist who was appointed as Puddinghead's Secretary (against her will) to run damage control.

Star-Swirl the Bearded - A powerful wizard who spent much of his life cultivating cooperation and unity amongst the tribes.

Sullamander - Commander of Celestine before Hurricane. She was extremely sexist against stallions and turned the Celestine Military Academy into a tool for brainwashing young Pegasi into following her.

Wind Whistler - Pansy's mother, and the one who started the Celestine uprising against Sullamander.


Reception has been very positive, with only 2 dislikes in comparison to its 216 and growing likes on, and has in excess of 300 followers. One reader in particular left <url=>a glowing review</url> on his Tumblr page.

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