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ABronyLife42 is a writer who joined the fandom around May 2012. He generally writes romance and female on female clopfics among other things. He has an OC named Soulless Reaper, whom isn't popular per se, but was drawn by different artists such as Foxinshadow, the---Cloudsmasher, Groxy-Cyber-Soul, and F00ster

Chilling a Cherry

Chilling a Cherry
Writer(s) ABronyLife42
Date published August 21, 2012
Words 5,536
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance, Clop
Featuring Cheerilee
Berry Punch
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Spotlight is a clopfic featuring Cheerilee and Berry Punch


Cheerilee roams the quiet town of Ponyville on Hearth's Warming Eve during a snow storm and is forced to take shelter in a nearby bar, owned and operated by the mischievous Berry Punch. However, Cheerilee finds more than she bargains for when the two share a few drinks. Not everypony can handle their alcohol...

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