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Other names nomorethan9
Evan Cicerkovski
Active since October 2011
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47times and nomorethan9 are the pseudonyms of an Australian artist best known for animating the Epic Pony Time videos. He animated the first episode based on pre-existing audio, co-wrote the second episode, and formed a production company (Alligator in the Tub Productions) with ltknorr and MandoPony ahead of the third episode's release in mid-April. He builds the character models from the ground up in Flash, sometimes taking inspiration from screenshots.[1]

Baby Cakes Deleted Scene

Baby Cakes Deleted Scene
Date added January 14, 2012
Duration 0:27
Show connection Baby Cakes

Like its name suggests, this video is presented as a "deleted scene" from the episode Baby Cakes, complete with The Hub's logo in the lower right corner. Most of the video was produced before the episode aired.

It starts off with an annoyed-looking Pinkie Pie as she watches the destruction the young Cake babies cause all around the kitchen (which includes Pound Cake carrying around a bottle of Applejack Daniel's whiskey from the Epic Pony Time videos). She then slowly opens a kitchen drawer full of knives while eerie music plays. Before she can execute whatever bloody plan she had in mind, Twilight Sparkle looks through the window and asks Pinkie what she is doing. Pinkie slowly places a small sickle back into the drawer and returns to immobily watching the children with an exasperated look on her face.

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